COVID-19 UPDATE March 22nd 2020


With immediate effect, Tostary cottage is currently closed until further notice. This is of course a very difficult time for all of us, wherever we live, but our thoughts are particularly with our friends on Mull, who will be feeling the Covid-19 pandemic particularly keenly. Tourism is such a big part of island life and of course normally it is welcomed. 

However at present, the last thing any remote communities need are people visiting for anything other than essential purposes. There have been many articles in the past few days showing that people are driving up to the Highlands and Islands in their RV's and caravans, and are also trying to book cottages such as Tostary. PLEASE DON'T DO IT! 

In the meantime, for any bookings already made, please get in touch with us on 01223 564096 or 

Mull has been a huge part of our lives for sixty years, and whilst it is difficult to imagine not visiting in the coming months, clearly it is for the good of all of us at present. And it will be even more beautiful when we can visit again. 

Take care everyone.

For further information please contact us here